EDUCATION: Rethinking STEM education: an interdisciplinary STEAM curriculum

Procedia Computer Science. Volume 20, 2013, Pages 541-546

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The State University of New York at Potsdam, with support from Lockheed Martin, has developed a multidisciplinary program intended to foster creative thinking by combining studies in the arts, humanities, and STEM fields. 

The College has a long tradition of innovative education in the arts, natural and social sciences, computer science, and mathematics. 

This “STEAM” approach will support the development of versatile professionals for the evolving workplace. To develop this program, a team of STEAM faculty members examined existing literature on the development of creativity as well as multidisciplinary models in industry, business, and education. 

Through academic restructuring of traditional educational models, this curriculum will be at the forefront of engaging learners in team-based multidisciplinary problem solving through mentoring, learning communities, research projects, and partnerships with outside agencies. 

The program is a model for the education of scientists who will be able to create innovations in modern science and technology necessary to address the complex problems facing human society.

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