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An introduction from Quest's President George Iwama

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Dec 05, 2018

Quest University Canada's founders envisioned a postsecondary institution devoted to the Liberal Arts and Sciences and based on a deep belief in individual growth and personalized learning.

MISSIONTo reinvent higher education through uniquely student-centered learning and a ground-breaking curriculum designed to inspire and transform
VISIONTo create a world of vibrant, informed citizens who think critically and engage deeply
VALUESTo balance collaboration with individualism, shared ethics with independent thought, and local connection with global perspectives

Quest offers only one degree, the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. Most courses are interdisciplinary. We have Divisions instead of Departments. Our curriculum is structured on the Block Plan, an unconventional scheduling format that reflects an unconventional learning philosophy. Students take one Block at a time for 3.5 weeks, immersing themselves completely in a single subject.  A full load consists of 8 Blocks per year, some of which may be taken in the summer. 

Learning is centred on the individual. Students develop a Question instead of declaring a major. The Question forms the basis for their last two years at Quest, the Concentration Program, where they work closely with a faculty mentor, taking courses and preparing for their culminating project, the Keystone

Quest is an extraordinary place of energy and passion. Our Block Plan allows for extensive Field Studies and exchange programmes. We run an Antarctica class. Volcanology in Hawaii, Art History in Paris, and Biodiversity in Peru have also been offered. 

The Block Plan allows elite athletes and performers to balance their endeavours with a flexible academic schedule. Two of our alumni competed in the Olympics in South Korea.  Another student is a successful recording artist, and one is an accomplished aerialist. 

We have exchange programmes with universities around the world, including the Royal Thimpu College in Bhutan, Colorado College and Malmö University Sweden.

Our students graduate with an ingrained love of learning and a broad set of skills, from critical thinking to writing and from collaboration to independent research. Quest alumni strive to make a difference in the world. 

Most find immediate employment in an area related to their Question or major interest. Others launch companies of their own. Many pursue further studies and research in some of the best universities in the world, such as Oxford and Harvard. Some are training to be professionals in medical, dental and law school.

We look forward to our second decade with optimism and enthusiasm, as we help remake our world by transforming education—one student at a time, one Block at a time, and one Question at a time.

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George Iwama

President, Quest University

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