Whitley Fund for Nature Award Ceremony

Celebrating 25 years of inspiring conservationists around the globe

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Dec 04, 2018

Sarah Greaves, Publishing Consultant

After a reasonably long career in science and scientific publishing I always keep my eyes open for causes that overlap saving the environment with the academic rigour I’m used to within science and science publishing. I also keep my eyes peeled for those that work to promote sustainable communities and have no obvious gender bias in the work they support. 

One of those organisations is the Whitley Fund for Nature and I recently had the pleasure to attend the 2018 award ceremony along with Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal and Kate Humble (neither of whom I met!). 

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The Whitley Fund is now in it’s 25th year and supports grass roots conservationists around the globe via grants towards their work. This means the projects are rooted in the local communities in which they are based, are sustainable and also make an amazing difference! 

This year the Gold Award winner was Pablo Boroboroglu for his work on global penguin conservation. This work really does matter and I always leave the award ceremony wondering what on earth I’ve done with my life!  So watch, or read, about these dedicated conservationists and prepare to be inspired.

If you want to be more inspired, you can check out these videos.

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Sarah Greaves

Publishing Director, Hindawi Publishing

PhD in Genetics, post-doctoral researcher and lecturer; spent 18 years working at Nature in both editorial and publishing. Supporter of STEM Ambassadors and InToUniversity.

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