LGBTQ scientists are still left out

Support from mainstream diversity initiatives would create a virtuous circle of visibility and benefit science for all

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Dec 06, 2018

Nature News and Jon Freeman mark the first International Day of LGBTQ+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by noting that although there are plenty of mainstream sponsors, heteronormative assumptions can still create less conscious forms of bias, and an unwelcoming environment that puts scientists from sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQ) at a disadvantage.

Freeman says: "Science should care more. People who identify as LGBTQ are leaking out of the scientific pipeline in similar ways to women and those from minority ethnic groups. But many initiatives to increase diversity do not support them. Including LGBTQ people in diversity initiatives would foster their representation, and it could bring in perspectives that improve science itself."

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Martin Delahunty

Managing Director, InspiringSTEM Network

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